What is Voluntaryism?

Voluntaryism, more often called Voluntarism nowadays, is the philosophy that asserts all interactions should be voluntary, and that the initiation of violence upon another individual’s private property is immoral, thus illegitimate. This philosophy is based upon the Non-Aggression Principle, frequently referred to as the NAP, which considers all aggression as immoral. However, Voluntaryism should not be conflated with pacifism; self-defense is considered legitimate under the NAP since the act of self-defense hinders an immoral act of aggression.

Moreover, Voluntaryism, when applied consistently, leads one to the logical conclusion that government is both immoral and illegitimate. The reasoning is simple; government uses coercion and the threat of coercion to function. It must steal – tax – individuals’ property to coercively enforce its arbitrary laws. All of its actions can be seen as aggression from the simple act of taxation to enforcing lawmakers’ opinions via guns. Thus, by applying the NAP to these actions it may be observed that government, in itself, is immoral.

Quite simply, a Voluntaryist is person who believes in voluntary interactions, associations, and exchanges of private property; an Anarcho-Capitalist.

It matters not whether an individual is an atheist or a Christian; one just needs to believe that infringing upon another’s rights is immoral and unethical.

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